Provincial Outreach Program

The Provincial Outreach Program provides programming consultation and support to school districts in the area of education of Deaf and Hard of Hearing students. These services include:

  • consulting with teachers of Deaf and Hard of Hearing students, regular class teachers,
  • parents and other educational team members;
  • facilitating Individual Educational Plans (IEPs);
  • assessing students’ strengths and needs with recommendations for educational programs;
  • video-conference opportunities for staff, students and families;
  • curriculum support through the use of technology;
  • literacy and social responsibility direct support to connect students across the province;
  • assisting with in-service for district resource people;
  • interpreter and educational assistant support and professional development;
  • professional development support to teachers of Deaf and Hard of Hearing students; and
  • networking among parent groups, service organizations and school programs.

The Provincial Outreach Program also coordinates workshops for staff and parents of Deaf and Hard of Hearing students. The topics discussed in these workshops include:

  • types of hearing loss;
  • indications and the educational implications of hearing loss;
  • language development considerations;
  • using and maintaining hearing aids and FM equipment;
  • myths and expectations of Deaf and Hard of Hearing students; and
  • strategies for communication.

You can obtain more information of the services offered by contacting the program consultant.

You can contact your school district’s Director of Special Education.

You can also write a short request to the Principal for the BC Provincial School for the Deaf seeking a consultation visit.

BC Provincial School for the Deaf, Principal
5325 Kincaid Street
Burnaby, BC V5G 1W2