BC Provincial School for the Deaf

The BC Provincial School for the Deaf is a Kindergarten to Grade 12 school in partnership with South Slope Elementary and Burnaby South Secondary schools. Working as a team, members of the BC Provincial School for the Deaf strive to develop the full learning potential and positive self identity of each student. Value is given to Deaf heritage and each student is encouraged to become a responsible, contributing member of the Deaf and hearing communities.

The BC Provincial School for the Deaf consists of:
the Elementary Program (K to Gr. 7) at South Slope Elementary (opened Sept 1992)
the Secondary Program (Gr 8 to 12) at Burnaby South Secondary (opened Feb 1993)
the Provincial Outreach Program which offers consultation to school districts throughout the province.

To attend the BC Provincial School for the Deaf, students must have a severe to profound hearing loss or a significant learning problem directly associated to hearing loss. Potential candidates are reviewed by the Provincial Education Review Committee for Deaf Students (PERCD). This Ministry of Education committee consists of a multi-disciplinary team of professionals which determines eligibility for provincial resource programs for deaf students based on the educational needs of the individual. Referral to the committee is made by the student’s home school district. Once a student is considered eligible, the school district can make application for admission to the BC Provincial School for the Deaf.

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