Policy Manual

The Board of Education, in consultation with senior staff, determine policies and regulations which govern the direct operations of the school district’s human and physical resources. These policies are designed to ensure a high level of conduct and quality educational services that inspire student success and prepare our students for the future.


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Burnaby Municipal Bylaw
Burnaby School Board Bylaw
Board of Education, School District 41 -Burnaby
Chairperson Chairperson of the Board of Education
C.C.C. Criminal Code of Canada
F.C.S.A. Family and Children Services Act
F.O.I.P.O.P. Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy
F.S.A. Fire Services Act
I.H.S. Industrial Health and Safety Regulation
M.O. Minister´s Order
M.O.E. Ministry of Education Circular
S.A. School Act
S.R. School Regulation
Superintendent Superintendent of Schools