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The BC Teachers' Federation began a province-wide full scale strike on Tuesday, June 17. While the strike continues, pickets are down for the summer except on occasion at some district sites. Check back here or monitor media reports for further updates.
Provincial  Exams (posted July 10)
Burnaby School District will host a provincial exam session for district students August 11-13. Students must preregister by August 1 as there is limited seating. To register call 604-296-6902. EXAM SCHEDULE 

Summer Camps for Kids (posted July 16)
Burnaby Community & Continuing Education is offering Lego Robotics Beginner #0888 as a half day summer camp July 28-Aug 1. It will be held at the Canada Way Education Centre, 5310 Woodsworth Street. Register at www.burnabycce.ca or 604-296-6901

Burnaby School District is committed to shaping the next generation of community leaders by providing learning opportunities that meet the needs of our uniquely diverse and changing student population. The District's Achievement Contract is a snapshot of how the District supports the learning needs of its students. It highlights impressive strides in student success, particularly in the area of literacy.  LEARN MORE 


Effective until August 22, summer hours for the District Office located at 5325 Kincaid Street are 8am to 3:30pm. For Summer Session or International Education enquiries, please go to the building to the left of the District Office.

This summer, ten district secondary students were selected from more than 1,200 nationwide applicants to attend SHAD science, technology, engineering and math programs held at host universities across Canada. SHAD exposes bright youth to advanced topics and takes them out of their comfort zones so they discover new ways to learn, engage, experiment and excel. Attendees include Frank Cheng, Harold Xi, Lily Xiong, and Nancy Yang (Burnaby North); Federico Firoozi and Marina Gonzalez (Burnaby South); Sarah Savic Kallesoe (Byrne Creek); Caitlin Wu (Moscrop); and Angela Yu (Burnaby Mountain). LEARN MORE

During the 2013-2014 school year Lakeview Elementary School created a new school code of conduct. With input from staff and students Lakeview's code of conduct became "Lakeview has H.E.A.R.T." Lakeview students are Hardworking, Encouraging, Active Learners, Respectful and Trustworthy. H.E.A.R.T. was launched in September of 2013.  During the school year many initiatives were created to give the new code of conduct life in our school. The Lakeview has heart video project was developed to capture what having heart at Lakeview means for our learning community.  WATCH IT


The students at Forest Grove Elementary school love their vegetables! It is the school garden and a unique cooking class that has made it so. Read all about it in Canadian Living. LEARN MORE

The next school trustee election is Saturday, November 15. Organized by the City of Burnaby to coincide with the election for Mayor and City Council, the candidate nomination period is Tuesday, Sept 30 to Friday, October 10 at 4 pm. If you are interested in standing for election as a school trustee or have questions on the election process, please contact the City of Burnaby’s Election Office: 7282 Kingsway, Burnaby,  604-294-7088, elections@burnaby.ca, or go to http://burnaby.ca/Our-City-Hall/Elections.html. General information on the school district, its operations and programs is available from the Office of the Secretary-Treasurer, 604-296-6900, ext. 661004, on the district’s website http://sd41.bc.ca or email board@sd41.bc.ca.


The Burnaby Board of Education shares a their perspective on the current labour dispute
between the Teachers (BCTF) and their employers represented at the bargaining table by BCPSEA. LEARN MORE

The next public meeting of the Burnaby Board of Education will be held Tuesday, September 9,  7 pm at the District Administration Office, 5325 Kincaid Street. LEARN MORE 


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